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How Does Laced Launches Work?

Raffles are the fairest way we know of releasing some of the most desirable products we have to offer. You won't have to worry about bots snatching a release from under your nose here. We draw all of our raffles in-house with winners selected randomly.

You must create an account on Laced Launches and follow us on Instagram (@lacedbrisbane) to be eligible to enter. Once logged in you can enter any of our raffles by clicking on it and proving you are a human. Next, simply select the size you would like to enter for, answer any question if required and submit your entry... All that's left to do is cross those fingers!     

Please note; Laced Launches is seperate to the Laced site and items / shipping cannot be combined between the two platforms. Please make sure to read each of our Raffles Terms & Conditions carefully before you enter!

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